Little Lives Small Animal Rescue was founded in 2016 when we noticed how many purchased small animals in our community were ending up abandoned, abused or neglected. With a goal to reduce this, one of our key focus areas includes providing community education on proper animal care and the importance of spay and neuter as well the importance of adoption over purchase. 




We provide community education through social media and at our bi monthly adoption events at PetSmart and Petco.   Our partnership with PetSmart & Petco has given us a larger audience where we can provide seminars, hand out animal specific care guides, provide Q&A discussions and even offer nail trimming to rodent and rodent like animals. 


As people become more aware of our rescue we are seeing a slight decrease in found/abandoned animals and a tremendous increase in people wanting to surrender animals into our care.  While we consider this a great thing, it is becoming more and more financially difficult to meet the medical needs that are required.   


As of the end of 2019, Little Lives has been able to help close to 400 animals! But we cannot do this without YOU!


We truly appreciate you taking the time to read through our story and support us!



Denisse Sams

Mary Arquette

Mirzeta Price