Khaleesi was a bearded dragon (also one of our very first official rescues) who was found in someone's yard and taken to a pet store as the finder did not know what to do with her.  The pet store could not take her in, so they reached out and we rushed to her aid.  


Khaleesi was paralyzed from the waist down and upon a veterinary exam, it was determined Khaleesi had severe Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD).  MBD is a complex disease and is unfortunately, very common in bearded dragons.  This condition occurs when pet parents feed an improper diet that is high in phosphorus and low in calcium or Vitamin D3.  Although Khaleesi was paralyzed, she was still a "normal" dragon; she moved (dragged really), ate well and was fairly active for the condition we received her in.  One of our directors foster failed and gave Khaleesi the forever home she may have otherwise not had. 


After Khaleesi's passing, we decided to start the Khaleesi Project which was originally started as a program to help pet parents who may be struggling financially to provide their beardie with proper nutrition.  Over the years, we have opened up the program to not only reptiles but all other littles as well.